An Imperative to Suffer

Session 7.12 for March 22, 2015

One term we often use to describe Jesus is suffering servant. We describe him this way because in his great love for us, Christ suffered and died. On many occasions, as he taught his disciples, Jesus shares how he will suffer and indicates that people who follow him will also suffer. When Christianity was new and not the faith of the majority, suffering often took the shape of oppression. Today, we live in a culture and a time in which Christianity is the primary religion. Suffering today does not look the same. Yet, still it is what Christ has called us to. Sometimes the gospel of Christ calls us to let go of things, to change our priorities and interests. It demands that we live a life that is interested in kindness, love and justice - not ourselves. As a part of your faith, do you suffer for Christ? 

Bible Background Video

featuring Nikki Hardeman


Scripture: John 12:20-33


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