Are You A Worrywart?

Session 6.22 for June 1, 2014

Jesus said, "Who of you can add an hour to your life by worrying?" Worry does nothing to add the thing it is about. It cannot make the plane stay in the air or change the result of a medical test. Worry does not bring our teens home safer, pay the bills, or protect us from germs. Worry cannot make us show up on time, guarantee a happy ending, or retrieve the email we regret sending. Worry does us no good, yet some how, we seem to believe that it gives us some kind of power — when in reality, we worry about the things we have had to let go of our power and control over. Our worry reminds us that we are not in control and that our pride is keeping us from allowing God to step into that place. 

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Scripture: I Peter 5:6-11

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