Salvation For All

Session 6.32 for August 10, 2014

For some Jews during the beginning of the first church, the most important part of religion was following the law. Paul, an avid Jew, began to teach that while following the law was important, you did not have to do it to be made right with God. Paul claimed that salvation from God has come near to all people - no one has a monopoly on God or on how or to whom God offers salvation. As you can imagine, this created quite a bit of controversy in the early church. 

Are their people in your world who you think are excluded from salvation simply because of how they practice or what rules they do or do not follow? Have you ever felt excluded simply because of how you believe? Paul claims that salvation is brought to all. As you read today's text, take time to note how radical Paul's ideas are about who has access to God's righteousness and salvation. He is much more inclusive than he is exclusive. 


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Scripture: Romans 10:5-15


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