Introducing Faithelement Studies for Women

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These short-term topical studies are designed for women's groups and individuals. Each study provides a private online area providing resources to guide your group's study. These include an introductory video, as well as a video that is to be shown within each session. A leader's guide provides insight into the topic, as well as ideas for leading each session. Participants are provided with journal prompts to guide prayer and reflection. The entire resource is delivered through an innovating website. Learn how it works!

Intentional Living. Get it now!


Our lives rush by in a blur of activity. How do we live intentional lives? How can our faith support and enrich intentional living? This resource offers a five week course of study, complete with DVD, leader's guide and participant's journal. Each session will look at a different aspect of what intentional living can look like. The first session discusses how God is an integral part of the process of living an intentional life. In the second session we discuss ways that we can engage our faith practice in intentional ways in order to make the space for a deeper faith to flourish. Session three discusses the importance of actively remembering and recalling the ways that God is present in our lives. And finally, in the last two session we will discuss ways that we live in community with other people of faith and ways the we engage the outside world and carry to them the love of Christ.