Session Pages Redesigned

It's been some time since we last reworked the look of our session pages. For the June 8 session we gave session pages a fresh look, toning down colors and enhancing the typography and layout. Don't worry, a full session page still fits on one side of one page. The new design should also use less ink if you print on an inkjet printer.

We hope you find the refresh both attractive and useful!

Here are the before and after designs.





Partnership Announced

We are pleased to announce that FaithElement has partnered with the new Nurturing Faith curriculum. Both curriculums share similar values about honesty in Bible study, appreciation for biblical scholarship, and a willingness to ask hard questions and deal with real issues.

As part of the partnership, Nurturing Faith and FaithElement will link to one another's sessions each week. Because we follow the same Lectionary texts, the resources a very complimentary.

Nurturing Faith provides resources for both adults and youth, and features a video each week by Tony Cartledge. On their website you will also find adult teaching and youth teaching plans.

Best of all, if you would like printed Bible backgorund materials, they can be ordered by clicking on "core lessons" on the Nurturing Faith website.

We hope you enjoy our partnership and the additional resources provided through it!

Visit Nurturing Faith and check it out.

How to Download Nikki's Videos

Want to to download the Bible Background video file to your laptop ahead of Sunday, and then just play it from there? Here's the best way to do just that:

Here's how:
1. Go to and create a free account (a login). Make a note of it.
2. Go to the video on FaithElement you want to get. Click the word "vimeo" on the video (lower right area).
3. This will take you to that video's page on Scroll down and look in the right sidebar for the link to download that video to your computer.
4. Click the download link and allow time for the download to finish.

That's it! You now have the video on your hard drive and don't have to worry about whether the internet is cooperating or not. Once you have created your Vimeo account, you will only need to do steps 2-4 to download future Bible Background Videos.

To download the YouTube and other clips to your hard drive, try this site.